YGee Mahendra Drama - Post Event Update

Over the last 2 weeks we concluded a successful and memorable tour of Sree YGee Mahendra and the UAA theatre troupe. The U.K leg of the tour was the weekend of 13-15 September, followed by Germany in the next weekend (20-22 September).

The tour featured two of their most endearing plays - Ragasiyam Parama Ragasiyam (RPR) and 3ji - a great choice for so many reasons - their oldest epic play since 45 years and their newest sensation, one a laugh riot and the other a current day Indian political satire.

For many theatre fans, it was a dream come true and visual treat to experience such an iconic and legendary artiste and theatre group live at their doorstep. The U.K tour had 4 tactical venues (Reading, Ruislip, Croydon & Ilford) and 2 shows each of RPR & 3ji. Our attractive combo offers also allowed several patrons to view both the plays staged on this tour !

We truly appreciate and admire YGee Sir for all his enthusiasm and passion to be the torch bearer for the drama and theatre industry and firmly uphold its place in entertainment. We also enjoyed our very friendly interactions off stage with him and the troupe throughout their stay with great conversations, humour and laughter. As we bid farewell to them from the U.K, we surely had built another lasting relationship and many more new friends for life !

The visuals of the UK tour are below if you missed it or want to relive the experience :



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