About Us

“I for India” is an innovative concept to bring together people of Indian origin either new to or settled in the United Kingdom through interactive and innovative event formats, underpinned by crowd sourcing and scale based special member privileges. We believe this will foster a sense of “home away from home”, provide exclusive member benefits, allow our patrons to confidently integrate in the local communities and also provide a forum for adults and children to showcase and build their talents.

The company is promoted by a team of professionals having access to a wide social community across the entire Indian diaspora in London spanning the entire orbital of M25 corridors and beyond. We currently have collective access to over a 1,000 families and individuals of Indian origin in the United Kingdom.

All of our promoters are highly qualified and very accomplished senior management professionals who share a common experience and passion in developing and promoting ethnic community forums and events in the UK over the last decade.

I for India aim to put together programs all through the year which are creative, exotic, innovative and interesting. Jazz up your life by being a part of this eclectic group

Besides novelty of events, a central theme is also to leverage the collective scale to provide exclusive benefits, special terms or highly discounted offerings at the events. With our growing reach and popularity, we are confident of driving greater crowd sourcing opportunities to provide more exclusive and innovative benefits. This would further establish our uniqueness as an organisation and platform among our patrons, thereby differentiating us and driving even more advocacy and patronage.

Some of the events organised by the promoters of I for India in the past include:

  • Themed cruise holidays
  • Weekend sun-kissed beach trips
  • Family holidays to various places in Europe and beyond
  • Dine & Dance moonlit cruises
  • Christmas market trips and wine tasting trips
  • Hospitality tickets for major cricket matches