I for India: our journey so far !

“I for India” is an effort to bring together people of Indian origin - either new to or settled in the United Kingdom - through interactive and innovative event formats across Entertainment, Leisure, Networking and Cultural Education. We believe this will foster a sense of “home away from home”, build a network of like-minded people, allow our patrons to confidently integrate in the local communities and also offer a forum for adults and children to showcase and build their talents. Our growing reach and popularity has enabled bringing dream events to patrons at their doorstep, resulting in greater branding, word of mouth & demand for our events.

This movement is led by a team of professionals with access to a wide social community across the entire Indian diaspora spanning M4/M25 corridors and beyond. The core team each have over 10 years’ experience of organising various events for various Indian community associations in UK. We currently have a patron database of over 5,000 families and individuals of Indian origin. In addition, our website and Facebook pages continue to draw interest from new readers. We’ve successfully completed over 75 physical events since our inception in 2015, with over 30,000 attendees collectively across our event venues.

The 2020 global pandemic made us switch focus on digital platform to keep patrons focused, positive and engaged in these difficult times while also raising valuable funds for PM Cares fund for India Covid relief. global lockdown. We conducted over 15 Online celebrity events plus 3 exclusive patron talent display events, which had a combined online reach of over 150,000 patrons and nearly 50,000 engagements from online and social media. We were also pleased to raise and contribute a sum of $4,750 to PM Cares fund, raised in this online event series over 2 months.

Our main event themes have been the following:

  1. Entertainment, Celebrities & Indian Cinema: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam Live in Concert with Lakshman Sruthi (3 shows in U.K), Crazy Mohan drama troupe with 7 shows across U.K, veena maestro Rajhesh Vaidhya and troupe, Mandolin U Rajesh, Singer P Unnikrishnan, Keytar sensation Stephen Devassy, Y Gee Mahendra & drama troupe - U.K & Europe tour, Valentine’s Nite with singer/composer Ajesh Ashok; U.K Movie distribution for Vishwaroopan 2 / Seema Raja.
  2. Leisure, Travel & Sport: Near chartered holiday experiences with groups of 80-120 persons to South Africa, Cyprus, Lille, Alicante, Normandy, Honfleur; themed boat cruises on the Thames, New Year’s Eve parties with upto 600 persons for 3 years (2015-17).
  3. Professional Networking events: Annual event in Canary Wharf / Reading on career, wealth management, investments in UK / India, related services (accounting, mortgage, insurance, etc), professional and business / entrepreneurial networking & related opportunities.
  4. Cultural Education: Events showcasing Indian classical art/dance forms and spiritual discourses by Shri Dushyant Sridhar, as well as talent display shows and competitions to encourage learning and appreciation of Indian art forms among our patrons (e.g. U.K Margazhi Mahotsavam, U.K Talent shows and competitions, etc.).

The write up, photos and any videos of the events above may all be accessed from our website and Facebook pages (link below):