Vaikasi Uthsavam - Day 1 and Day 2

We are so pleased that we were able to successfully kick off live events in UK again, with God’s grace and your strong support / patronage. All our 3 venues were filled up and some venues had massive last-minute demand beyond venue capacity, which we sadly could not accommodate despite best efforts. Hence a gentle reminder to be an “Early Bird” once again at future events to avoid disappointment 😊. What’s more, now with our booking portal offering self-select seats for most venues, this is an even bigger incentive to get in there early than later ! Overall we are so pleased that live events are well and truly here and we sincerely thank you once again for all your motivation, encouragement and patronage to our efforts !

It was particularly gratifying to see our younger generation arriving in such large numbers, and many of them also had an opportunity to showcase their talents after over 2 years - be it in music, dance or chanting shlokas. We hope it was a valuable cultural immersion for them as the future Indian generation here, listening to spiritual discourses by Sri. Dushyant Sridhar and ofcourse being inspired by the musical concert of the young protégé Sri. Rahul Vellal accompanied by eminent musicians from UK - on violin by Sri. Balu Raghuraman and mridangam by Sri. ‘Bangalore’ Prakash. All 3 venues had wonderful audience who enjoyed the shows and conveyed their appreciation with a standing ovation, much to the delight of the artistes also !

For the attendees to relive the moments and for patrons who could not attend to get a glimpse of the events, please find the link to the photos from the event.

Day 1

Day 2

Events such as this in UK are made possible by patrons and partners / sponsors alike. We are truly grateful for the support and confidence given by our strategic partners and express our sincere thanks and gratitude to them for making this event an overall success:

  • A&R Solicitors
  • Aha Bazaar
  • Crispy Dosa Restaurants
  • DNS Accountants
  • Giri U.K.
  • Indian Aroma
  • Lifeline Protect
  • Lifelancer
  • PT Wealth Management
  • Sringaram
  • True South Filter Coffee

Our next event in July - BOOKINGS OPEN NOW !

As our second event for this year, I for India are pleased to bring you this summer an evening filled with lots of FUN & LAUGHTER with a very familiar face across tamil television and cinema. We bring you Aadhavan, a popular Tamil television anchor, stand-up comedian, mimicry artiste and cinema actor - most famous for his TV shows such as Konjam Nadinga Boss, Lollu Sabha, host at many celebrity shows, award nights and also in tamil cinema.

It has been such a long time we had a good laugh together with our friends and near ones, so come and have a memorable evening of fun, laughter and socialising. What’s more, we will have catering arrangements at the venue and your ticket includes an evening meal.

Our booking plans are now open and your seats are based on self-selection, so get in there early…book your tickets today and grab the best seats!

Laugh Out Loud with Aadhavan
(stand-up comedy, live audience interaction and light dinner)

Date: Sunday, 3rd July 2022 | Venue: Garth Hill College, Bull Lane, Bracknell RG42 2AD

A relook at our Trip together down memory lane: 7 years, 70

Our comeback to live events in 2022 also marks another important milestone in our collective journey as the I FOR INDIA community. We have together successfully completed 70 events in nearly 7 years since our inception in 2015 !!! This journey is a testimony to YOUR strong support, encouragement, input and participation at our events - the only true spark that keeps us going with this community effort amidst our day job and family lives here in the U.K – so congratulations to us all and counting on your continued support for our journey together to make the most in this home away from home !

We hope you enjoy this recap as much as we did…nostalgic, emotional and inspiring the future… well, we think so and hope you agree 😊… Counting on your support as always !

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