SPB Reading event update

As conveyed on Facebook, we express our heartfelt condolences to Balu Sir and the family on the bereavement of his mother earlier this week. We stand together with him in this grief as an extended family and pray for the departed soul. Balu Sir has flown to India after 2 events on this tour and will return to the UK this weekend for the remaining 2 concerts - 9th February 2019 in Hexagon, Reading and 10th February 2019 at Stoke-on-Trent. Surely, we are all really moved and overwhelmed by such a selfless and large-hearted gesture by Balu Sir towards his music lovers, even during such an incredibly difficult time for him personally.

This is for patrons attending the Reading show on 9th February 2019 at the Hexagon. Please read in full below for important information to allow for a smooth event on the day:

1. Date: Saturday 9th February 2019 at 4 p.m

2. Venue : HEXAGON - Queens Walk, Berkshire, Reading, Reading RG1 7UA

3. Event timing and gate opening: Door open at 4 pm for an event start sharp at 5 pm. We have a large audience, so please arrive at 4 pm to allow for parking, ticket collection if applicable, perhaps some pre-show snacks/ refreshments and settling into your seats well before 5 pm.

4. Tickets and Entry: You will need to bring your Hexagon card tickets to be allowed entry by the Hexagon staff at the doors. Those who have not yet received their Hexagon card tickets please collect them on concert day at 4 p.m by showing your electronic ticket booking from our ticket portal. Many of them have been locally handed over so if you arrive at 4 pm it should be fairly quick and smooth process and we will put up multiple counters as needed. May we also remind you that there will be no refunds for no shows / cancellations.

5. Parking: There is NO parking at the venue itself, although the Broad Street Mall adjacent to it has a multi-storey car park. There are few public car parks within a 5-minute walk provided below. Please check your parking options before travelling.

  • Broad Street Mall, Broad Street Centre, Reading RG1 7QE
  • Chatham Place Q-Park, Chatham Street, Reading RG1 7JF

6. Public Transport: The venue is well served by public transport with buses right upto the venue and the Reading station a short walk away, so do consider train/bus commute as convenient.

7. Agenda: We will start the performance at 5 pm and aim to conclude before 9 pm. There would not be a break in order to minimise disruption to the flow of the concert.

8. Drink: Please be advised not to bring any drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) - these will be available in the bars at the venue which will open at the venue from 4 pm onwards.

9. Food - Indian snacks / dinner : There will also be snacks / dinner to purchase at venue from Sangeetha from 4 pm to 10 pm. You may avail this from 4-5 p.m before the show when you check-in, during the show if you wish to step outside, or for dinner after the event at the dining areas outside the main hall, or as boxes to take away home also. Please note that food is strictly not allowed to be taken into the main auditorium by the Hexagon authorities.

10. Seating: has been pre-allotted based on the tier and the time of your booking on a first booked, first seated basis. The auditorium staff will guide you to your door, row and seats.

11. Being a supportive audience: Please may we kindly ask for your support with the following:

  • Take care of your children and personal belongings at all times;
  • Leave children's buggies in the car or outside the main auditorium;
  • Maintain silence in the auditorium and keep conversations to the break;
  • Mind your children & ensure they are seated throughout the show. If your child is becoming restless, please take them out through the nearest exit until they settle down.

12. Photo/Video coverage: I for India will cover the event (photo/videos) which would feature in our website and social media sites as relevant.

Thanks for your attention and we look forward to receiving you all at Hexagon at 4:00 pm on Saturday 9th February 2019.

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