Normandy Trip Post Event Update

When you receive a call from a family keen to join in for a tour, you know you’ve got some fun and work to do. But when the call is at 5.00 pm on a Friday evening and the tour starts very early next morning, you know you’ve got to act fast… real fast !

Yes, we at I-for-India, take our patrons’ requests this seriously… always ! And treating them to an exciting weekend break at Normandy, France was our most recent fun-venture - a family package tour to Le Havre during the weekend of 5 & 6-September-2015 for our 75 plus friends.

Day 1 - 5/Sep : On the morning of 5th, the whole group assembled at Brittany Ferries’ docks in Portsmouth. While some of us had driven in that morning, others had stayed overnight close-by. A quick check-in later, we were cruising our way to Le Havre in Normandy.

Situated in the Seine-Maritime region of Upper Normandy, Le Havre is beautifully rich in its maritime traditions and home to the second largest port in France. Originally founded in 1517, Le Havre was significantly rebuilt after WW-II and is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

After reaching at 12.30 pm local time, we headed to the cozy Novotel at Bassin Vauban. Check-in for all the families had already been taken care of and the swipe-keys were ready by the time the whole group arrived at the hotel.

After some light refreshments, the group headed towards the town centre. The Tramway du Havre was an attractive travel option while others preferred just walking around. There was flexibility in choosing to do what based on suited them the best. Some went shopping while some others headed for the tourist attractions - there was always something for everyone, something extra to explore, some place to relax, some place to soak it all up.

The beautiful Normandy beaches, the Neo-Gothic Eglise St-Joseph Cathedral with its 107m tall tower, the cemetery of Sainte-Marie, Les Jardins Suspendus or The Hanging Gardens, the beautiful museum Musee des Beaux Arts Andre Malraux displaying works by Impressionists and Eugène Boudin, Natural history museum Musée d'histoire naturelle rebuilt from the heavily damaged 1881 law courts buildings …. to good old retail therapy along the plush Docks Vauban shopping malls – Le Havre was packed with things to do and see.

After an interesting evening, the group met back at the hotel, understandably exhausted but strangely refreshed ! A surprise advance birthday party for Sriv Venkatesh was the highlight of the evening. To cater to those craving for traditional Indian food, “home-made in France” dishes were tastefully made and served by few patrons. The warmth, mutual affection and joie-de-vivre within the group was enough to stun the bienveillant et hospitalier hotel staff and other guests - Indian hospitality and bonhomie experienced fist hand !

Normandy Trip

Day 2 – 6/Sep : After a restful evening at the hotel the group was welcomed the next to a delightful menu for breakfast. There was plenty to go around and the coffee was particularly enticing. All refreshed and packed up, the group then made its way to the Harbour to catch the next ferry back home at 12.30 pm

The weekend break was short but very well received. There was wide appreciation and encouragement from all of those who had attended. Yet again, the I for India team had delivered on its promise, another feather in its cap. And all this couldn’t have been made possible without the ardent support from all our patrons to whom we are ever grateful.

Watch the space … for the logical next question “Hey Guys .. What’s next ?”

PS : The latecomers did make it finally

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