G for Get Connected

Based on the success and appreciation for our Career Connexions evening last year and by popular demand, we hosted a broader event this time focused on the entire professional lifecycle. The event was structured with a brief networking session to begin with as people arrived and settled down, followed by an hour of brief talks by the various partners sharing information on the various topics, and followed by another couple of hours back on the networking floor for people to follow up in more detail on their specific areas of interest.

Despite being a working day and many attendees based outside the Canary Wharf area, we had a prompt arrival starting from 5:30 pm of the over 150 attendees at 40, Bank Street to collect their registration and access cards to make their way to the roof terrace on the 32nd floor of the building which was the event venue. Here they were received by the I for India team and spent until 6:30 pm over welcome drinks and nibbles, catching up with the other attendees and event partners.

The formal session began around 6:30 at the meeting room, with Sathish Duraisamy welcoming the attendees and providing a quick overview of I for India and its journey over the last year. The rest of the evening’s proceedings were handed over to Sriv Venkatesh who then opened the proceedings for the day calling upon the various partners and topics for the evening as per below:

  1. Huxley : (Ms. Nikki Richards) Career and Recruitment
  2. DNS Associates : (Mr.Sumit Agarwal) Accounting & tax planning
  3. Lifeline Protect: (Mr.Shaji Jose) Insurance services Life, Health, Accidental cover, etc
  4. IN2 Planning : (Mr.Raul Renjel and Mr.Peter Field) Advise on pensions and mortgages
  5. Ozone Group (MR. Raghavan, Mr. Niranjan Tadanki): Property Development projects across locations in India
  6. HDFC UK office (Ms. Malini Basu, Mr. Prajit Nair) : Home loan services for NRIs for Indian property purchases
  7. Capumen International (Mr. Vaseem Ahmed): Career and Recruitment

The above sessions closed at 7:30 pm with Ramki Krishnamoorthy thanking the attendees and partners for making the event a successful one. Following this, the entire group made their way back and reconvened at the networking lounge to pick up in more detail on respective topics. Overall the quality of discussions, information and the overall event structure and format was very well received, as was evident with people locked in discussions in smaller groups well past 9:30 pm when the event was brought to a close, with most attendees still around and happy with what in their view was a productive and informative evening.

The event also had partners offering some exclusive benefits and offers, some of which are time limited. For the benefit of both attendees and others, we enclosed herewith the contents of the presentations which were discussed on the evening for those of you who wish to review them in more detail and make an informed decision for yourselves and follow up directly with the partner on the respective product or service offering.


DNS Associates

Huxley Recruitment

IN2 Planning

Ozone Group

Also enclosed is a link to the pictures from the event, which may give a virtual event experience for those who unfortunately could not make it on the evening.

G for Get Connected

We once again wish to thank all our event partners for the evening for all their content, effort and support without which an event of this format and structure would not have been possible !

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