Crazy Mohan UK Tour

Hope most of you had the chance to see Crazy Creations live in action at a venue near you. It was a whirlwind 2 weeks of fun, laughter and meeting with so many of you at the 7 venues across the country.

It gives us great pleasure to look back and reflect on the 2 weeks of Crazy Creations in the U.K… 7 venues, each of them starting with a special stand up session with the audience from Crazy Mohan, who shared many anecdotes and messages in his journey in his own family life, theatre and cinema, including experiences with superstars Kamalhassan and Rajnikanth - all in his usual humorous style. He and the troupe all had great words of praise for the U.K audience for their warmth, appreciation and whole hearted cheering throughout the plays… the audiences at all 7 venues felicitated the troupe at the end of the play with a standing ovation lasting upto 5 minutes at some venues, a really emotional moment for the cast and audiences alike !

The U.K also had a blessed moment with Ilford making it to the hall of fame in the Chocolate Krishna journey, being the venue for the 850th show of Chocolate Krishna.

Please see the link below for a virtual tour of the fun, frolic and excitement of the “Crazy” tour:

meesai-aanalum-manaivi-ruislip.jpg Chocolate-Krishna-reading.jpg Chocolate-Krishna-ilford.jpg
Ruislip Reading Ilford

While we are extremely happy and delighted with conduct of the entire tour, nothing can beat the last word coming from our patrons !! Click here to see a sample of what customers say first hand on their experiences:


It’s been a week after the final show at Manchester successfully concluded, all of the troupe have safely arrived back home and the post event wrap ups are nearly complete at our end.

Now feels like the right moment and occasion for CONGRATULATORY and THANK YOU messages on the success of this historic and magical maiden U.K visit. All 7 shows were received spectacularly well, captivating audiences and exceeding expectations at every location !!!

Our sincere thanks are due to Mr. Crazy Mohan, Maadhu Balaji and the Crazy Creations crew for placing their trust in us and agreeing to our invitation to host them on their maiden U.K visit for nearly 2 weeks. We certainly enjoyed watching them on stage, and equally relished the informal and off-stage moments when they shared their experiences, fun moments and their sincere appreciation for the U.K audiences. We have been pleasantly surprised by the sheer simplicity and humility, the friendly and approachable nature of Mr. Crazy Mohan, Maadhu Balaji and every crew member.

We wish to place on our record our appreciation, thanks and gratitude to the entire crew of Crazy Creations:

It certainly feels like an extended family now, and we are sure many of you feel the same !

A show of this magnitude and geographic reach would not be possible without the support and confidence given by all our associates and strategic partners, some new players and many now veterans with us. We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the following partners for their unflinching support which made this event an overall success and helped bring this event within the reach of many more patrons !!

  • Lyca Group and Lyca Remit
  • Mahindra Lifespaces
  • HDFC – Home Loans
  • DNS Accountants
  • A&R Solicitors
  • State Bank of India
  • PT Wealth Management
  • Saravana Bhavan
  • Sri Rathiga
  • Kingfisher Premium Lager
  • Chennai Dosa – Birmingham and Reading
  • UK School of English
  • Spice Mint

The team at I for India now fondly reflect with some genuine disbelief that the first thought of such an event was not until January 2017, after our flagship New Year’s Eve 2016 event !! To pull off an event of this magnitude and reach across the U.K was certainly a daunting task, especially given the timelines. This certainly would not have been possible without the mutual trust, support, confidence and the sheer hard work and diligence of many friends and well-wishers for making this dream a reality in under 4 months !! We feel truly blessed to have this sea of friends and volunteers who see this as an event in the family and share both the hard work and responsibility at these events, as well as the joy and pride of success!!

We wish to place on record our thanks and gratitude to the following community associations who have stepped in to support and help us in numerous ways towards the success of the events:

  1. The London Tamil Sangam (East Ham)
  2. Association of Overseas Residents of Tamil Nadu (AORTAN – Birmingham)
  3. Milton Keynes Muthamizh Mandram (Milton Keynes)
  4. Shruthi UK (Birmingham)
  5. Wolrd Tamil Organisation UK (Croydon)
  6. Shruthi Events (Manchester)

Last but not least, thanks to all you patrons and members of the I for India community for attending the shows with your friends and families and filling our venues, some of them so well beyond capacity that we had to sadly turn away people given hall capacity and health & safety reasons.

Well done to each and every one of you, YOU HAVE ALL BEEN CONTRIBUTORS to the success of such a large scale event !!!

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