Career ConneXions Post Event Update

Here at I-For-India, things work differently. Being branded as “obsessively people-minded”, actually works well to everyone’s advantage – especially if the obsession is all about you.. yes Y-O-U !

In line with our core ethos, we have always kept Y-O-U in mind in all our endeavours. And our latest event was just another example.

C for Career Connexions is a platform for working professionals, a platform to network and open doors to unlimited opportunities in all areas of work and life.

Date: 03 June, 2015
Venue: Henry’s Café Bar, Canary Wharf, London

The evening started with teen phenomenon Tarun Reddy who is already making incredible waves in the professional racing circuits around the world. Tarun and his coach Rupert shared some insights on their successes so far, what lay ahead of them and how confident they are of achieving them all. With the F1 championship firmly in his sight, this Indian sensation has a fantastic future ahead of him. The whole team wishes him all the very best!

Professional Recruitment specialist, IKAS International got the audience further excited by kicking off their talk on Career Opportunities in the UK and abroad. Jessal Shah explained how IKAS had grown to be a trusted name in the important world of careers and how his company ensures we get not just the right job, but the right fit that it goes along with it.

Numbers and figures are boring stuff, especially if you are doing your accounts. But that myth was quickly dispelled by Tony Dhanjal from Aidhan Accountancy. It was interesting to see how Aidhan had incorporated the use of customer friendly accounting interfaces to make the whole process very simple. Tony clearly explained the risks as well as the huge benefits of different types of company establishments, while at the same time providing assurance on helping their customers along their journey. The icing on the cake was their special pricing deal solely for the attendees.

Once the job and num£e$ feel right, tackling Mortgages can be a daunting task to most of us, especially if you are a contractor. Luke Somerest from Contractor Financials presented a very insightful picture on how straightforward it can actually be. They are a one stop shop selling a multitude of services and products all focussed around the busy working professional. What sets Contractor Financials apart from most of their competition is their quick Agreement in Principle turnaround and… Zero Fees !

Jobs, Accounts, House … what next ? Welcome to the savvy topic of Investments. Double Dhamaka, as we say in India. We had not one, but two established investors keep the audience enthralled. Sankalp’s team from Square Yards / Group First and Sathish Chukkapali from Phoenix Group had everyone on the edge of their seats. These were a mix of potential as well as on-going successful projects underway. And they were on offer especially for the audience. Things got so engrossing, that we had to delay further interesting questions till the very end – but that’s just how hooked everyone was on the day!

The floor was then opened up for informal networking. The partners had already setup their stalls and showcased their offers through their presentations. Now was the time for everyone to make the most of it. People went about scrambling to their favourite stalls of interest, deep thoughtful minds were hard at work, hands furiously punching numbers. The Hiring managers were put in touch with prospective candidates. A lot of I-know-someone-who-knows-someone-who-can-help information was exchanged. Presented by Sharath Kumar Sekar, the long evening eventually came to an end.

It was a very successful event for everyone. But all of this wouldn’t have been possible without the support from each and everyone of the attendees. Also, a very big thanks goes to the generous contribution from our sponsors – you made it all happen, you had something for everyone there. And, everyone took home something valuable, tangible or intangible – in short, a rewarding evening.

The C for Career Connexions platform had served its purpose of bringing like-minded professionals together, professionals like Y-O-U. Everyone clearly understood that all their decisions were entirely their own. You choose sensibly. You invest wisely. You don’t owe I-For-India a single penny of any of the fortunes you make, though … a pint or two would be most welcome !!!

The photos of the event are attached below.

C for Career Connexions

Testimonials from attendees:

Krish Ramakrishnan, PK (Canary Wharf): Congratulations for arranging a very useful and successful Career / Networking event last evening. Needless to say, the number of attendees and their enthusiastic participation is a proof of how good the innovative event was. Each and every member of the iforindia team made sure that the guests were welcome and encouraged healthy participation from everyone.

Karthik Kumar (Hounslow): Excellent coordination and neatly arranged. Thanks guys. It was so useful.

Nirupa Sugavanam (Harrow): Many thanks for the informative evening - unique event with a perfect mix of carefully chosen topics. Couldn’t have asked for more.

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