Career Connexions and Investment Opportunities Post Event Update

It’s a pleasure to interact with you all again here. Summer is well and truly here with the sizzling days which are outdoing even the Spanish and Greek coasts we usually look up to !!

It was great to see many of you at the Canary Wharf earlier this week for the professional networking event. The hot summer day did not distract many from attending this very insightful evening along a whole host of topics with specialist partners… career, finances, mortgages, investments, wealth management and much more !

The coverage was similar to the previous 2 occasions, focused on the entire professional lifecycle. The event format was a brief networking drinks session on arrival, followed by in-room presentation and interactions with subject matter experts, and a final hour of informal networking back on the floor.

The formal session began at 6:30 pm, with a welcome and quick overview of I for India and its journey so far. The rest of the evening was led by the various subject matter experts and topics as per below:

  1. DNS Associates: Accounting, tax planning & IR 35 overview
  2. Contractor Mortgages Made Easy: Mortgages services and propositions for contractors
  3. HDFC Limited: Home loans for India properties, end to end services right here in London
  4. Ozone Group: Property projects across Indian and exclusive I for India offers
  5. Investor Decode/ Lodha Group: Property portfolio planning advise and overview of Lodha properties
  6. PT Wealth Management / St James’ Place: Wealth Management, Inheritance, Tax Planning

All topics gave some new and valuable insights, leading to a healthy Q&A session. The sessions concluded at 8:30 pm, followed by an hour of informal 1-1 interactions back on the networking floor.

It was heartening to see the overall quality of content and the interactions among attendees and with subject matter experts and attendee feedback that it was a productive and informative evening.

Enclosed is a link to the pictures from the event, which may give a virtual event experience for those who unfortunately could not make it on the evening.

We once again wish to thank our attendees and especially all our subject matter experts for the content, effort and support without which an event of this format would not have been possible!

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