Margazhi Mahotsavam 2023 - Maidenhead

Sooryagayathri is an Indian classical vocalist who gained worldwide recognition at an early age. Known for her devotional songs, bhajans and kirtans, this child prodigy became a sensation in a short span of time. She is an abundantly blessed singer whose Bhava- filled, soulful singing has been compared to that of the doyen of music - M.S. Subbulakshmi herself.

Born in a family of talents from dance, singing, mridangam and poetry, Sooryagayathri was barely 3 years old when her mother Divya spotted her talent humming songs with perfect pitch and talam. Her father Anilkumar became her first Guru and thus began her musical journey.

She is formally trained in Carnatic music by Smt. Anandi and Sri Nishanth. Sri Kuldeep M Pai has been her mentor both musically and spiritually whose guidance has helped her navigate her role as an outstanding musician. Her father, Sri P.V. Anil Kumar is an accomplished Mridangam artist in Kerala and her mother, Smt. P.K. Divya is a poetess with a natural flair.

She won the M.S Subbulakshmi fellowship in music when just 10 years old from Mumbai Shanmukhananda Sabha and Trivandrum Kalanidhi Sangeeth Rathna award. She also received Samaj Sakthi Award in 2017 with her Guru Kuldeep Pai, from Hariharaputhra Bhajan Samaj Mumbai. Apart from her classical vocal training, Sooryagayathri is also learning Veena from Ramana Balachandran, as well as the mridangam with her father at her home.

Her musical prowess has gained millions of fans globally, thanks to her Youtube channel (with viewership over 150 million) and her concerts all over India and abroad.

So block your diaries and grab your tickets fast at the link below : Tickets once purchased will not be cancelled or refunded.

Margazhi Mahotsavam - Maidenhead







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