Instru Fusion

I for India are extremely pleased to present Shri. RAJHESH VAIDHYA - a very versatile Veena maestro and celebrity artiste in his own right who needs no introduction!!! He would perform an electrifying instrumental fusion with his very capable team (Sai Hariram on Ghatam and Chandrajith Durairaj on Tabla).

We have also secured a very central and historic venue to add more grace to this event - Reading Concert Hall. Located within the Town Hall complex, the Concert Hall is one of the finest of its type in Britain. Originally built in 1882, the Victorian venue boasts superb acoustics and has hosted a variety of programs from classical music, organ recitals, blues, jazz, folk, pop & rock, stand-up comedy, etc.

Surely all this is so much music to your ears and you can’t wait….right ?? The good news is our booking plans have opened with our ever popular Early Bird offers from £10.

So block your diaries and grab your tickets fast at the link below :

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